Good Times and Great People


The summer has ended, the leaves are starting to going brown and school is officially back in session! Although I’m not teaching anymore, the energy and excitement of getting back to work is very much in my bones. These days part of that work is to have FUN! I honestly believe that an important part of pursuing a new career is being around people and places that inspire you. At least for me it is. This week I was lucky enough to have multiple adventures that did just that :).

First, I visited with one of my favorite friends from college. We talked about our goals (she’s running her first 5k next month!), kids, nutrition and of course reminisced about the good ‘ol days. She also took me to the beach and bought me a lobster roll. It was AMAZING! As was the whole visit. I left feeling totally blissed out. Image

A couple days later I continued the tradition of being on the chase boat with my step-dad (I think we’re going on 3 years now), while my mom rowed in a race called Lighthouse to Lighthouse. This year the race photographer was in our boat, my step-brother was behind the wheel and we had a wild ride to get just the right shots! Here’s one I took on my phone of my moms boat. Between riding in a boat full of people that were fun to be with and my mom being a bad-ass on the water it was fabulous!


The very next day my mom invited me to meet her and her sister at the Met for a birthday celebration. My Aunt Catherine takes her birthdays very seriously. In fact, she’s been known to have birth-weeks and birth-years…and she gets aways with it! So to celebrate her 87th birthday, my mom drove her into the city to go to her favorite museum. Aunt Catherine always has good stories of when she would take her children the Met 50 years ago and it’s the museum my mom always took me growing up. We started with a nice meal (I had a corn & crab soup and some of my aunts chicken salad – so good!), talked with each other and explored the greek and egyptian wings a bit. There’s something magical about my Aunt Catherine and this day was no exception.


This was my favorite statue. It was titled Earth. I loved that she’s holding food and that it just feels abundant.


So that was my week! Fueling up on these good times with great people allowed me to come back and be the best version on myself. To say I’m grateful is an understatement. Now, back to figuring out how to develop a website…